STEM is fun

Science + Technology +Engineering + Math = FUN!

STEM…it’s not just for plants anymore.  Today school’s are focusing on STEM programs for students in grades K-12.  The goal is to teach students that science, technology, egineering and math are integral parts of our lives.  We find STEM in everything we do.

At Starlite Family Fun Center in Stockbridge our STEM programs are not just educational.  They are fun too!  We teach students in 2nd grade about motion, friction and gravity with exciting, hands on activities, including push/pull charades,  a scavenger hunt and a car race.  Our 4th grade program delves into how much force is needed to move an object, and students will experiment by building a catapult.  We also explore simple machines and how they’ve helped us throughout history and go on a simple machine scavenger hunt!  At the end of the program the students get to skate, and our DJ leads them through group games on the skate floor.  Naturally, the day ends with a huge dance party.

STEM at Starlite in Stockbridge is local, affordable and FUN!  We can tailor programs for students in grades K-5.  Watch our website or our facebook page for updates on our STEM programs.