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Think back on your days in elementary and middle school. The best and most memorable days in class were not the lectures and note taking, but those days when the teacher would divert from the normal routine. Whether it be a class held outdoors, or a hands-on lab in science class, those are the lessons that would stick with us for years to come. STEM education is where students lose interest the quickest, so it’s important to present engaging ways for students to learn these subjects. That’s where our STEM Skating Program comes in! This program works off of those hands-on and out of the norm teaching principles to help get students excited about education areas like science, technology, engineering, and math. Find out how Starlite Family Fun Center in Sharpsburg, GA will spark your child’s interest in these subject areas again!

A Unique Education Experience!

We have multiple lessons available from Kindergarten to 12th grade and one lesson specifically designed for 9th – 12th grade. This program is available Monday – Friday.

Elementary through Highschool!

When participating in one of our STEM field trip adventures, students will learn science, technology, engineering and Math can be found in everyday experiences. One hour of STEM education is included along with 2 hours of roller-skating! Now your students can fit in STEM right alongside physical fitness!



Students will learn about the parts of a roller skate/inline skate and how each part functions to make the skate. They will discuss how surfaces in the rink are made of different materials and how that affects the skate in motion. Students will have a chance to showcase their creativity and design a new feature for a skate.

Topics Like: Geometry, Friction, Reverse Engineering, Design 

1st Grade


Students will learn that both sound and light can travel in waves. They will discover the different types of lights we use in the skating rink, and learn what makes sound in a skating rink.

Topics Like: Frequency, Waves, Vibrations

2nd Grade 1


Students will learn how STEM plays a very large part in sports, specifically roller and ice hockey. They will learn how three different kinds of motion can make a difference in the outcome of the game. They will also learn how roller skates and inline skates used in roller and ice hockey work.

Topics Like: Physics, Force, Potential Energy and MOtion

2nd Grade 2


Students will learn basic physics as they discuss the forces in play when they roller skate. They will see how gravity and friction impact a skater in motion, then they experiment by rolling a skate down a ramp.

Topics Like: Gravity, Friction, Motion

3rd Grade


Students will investigate roller rink materials and classify them based on hardness, color and texture. They will apply skills that are used for rocks & minerals to make observations about the different parts of a skate!

Topics Like: Moh’s Hardness Scale, Luster, Defining a Rock and Mineral, Texture

4th Grade


Students will learn about how light and sound travel. They will learn the exciting effects of light with the use of reflection and refraction. They will discuss the different speakers used in a skating rink, and how they work together to make music.

Topics Like: Refraction, Waves, Frequency

5th Grade 1


Students will discover how speakers work, and will explore how sound waves look and how they travel through different mediums. They will discuss
sounds that relate to the roller skating rink including the differentiation in speaker pitch and tones.

Topics Like: Electricity, Doppler Effect, Sound System Design

5th Grade 2


Students will learn about reaction time, what it has to do with arcade games and how to Improve it. Students will also learn about probability through discussion of arcade games In our facility. 

Topics Like: Reaction Time, Probability and Engineering Through Game Design, and Electric Circuits

6th Grade

Skating in the Solar System

Students will take a journey through our Solar System and discuss what it would be like to build a roller skating rink on different moons and planets. They will discuss engineering challenges with differences in gravity, atmosphere, and temperature.

Topics Like: Earth Space,
Science, Engineering, and

7th Grade


Students will learn about the functions of the human body and about leading a healthy lifestyle. They will make predictions and then calculate their average heart rate through physical activity.

Topics Like: Cardiovascular System, Heart Health, Importance of Exercise

8th Grade 1


Students will learn that each one of Newton’s Three Laws of Motion are present in the skating rink. They will experement with force and mass and discuss the importance of physiscs and roller skating

Topics Like: Physics, Laws of Motion, Inertia

8th Grade 2


Students will learn how STEM plays a very large part in sports, specifically roller and ice hockey. They will learn how three different kinds of motion can make a difference in the outcome of the game. They will also learn how roller skates and inline skates used in roller and ice hockey work.

Topics Like: Physics, Force, Potential Energy and

Highschool 1


Students will learn about Newton’s Three Laws of Motion and how forces and motion interact with each Law. They will experiment with force, mass, and discuss the importance of physic in everyday life and roller skating.

Topics Like: Physics, Laws of Motion, Inertia

Highschool 2


Students will learn how math concepts can be found all over the skating rink. Students will measure, compare, and average the speed of several skaters, how statistics relates to roller skating, and discuss conservation of energy.

Topics Like: Topics Like: Conservation of Energy, Kinetic and Potential Energy, Statistics

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