On-site SEO Lesson

  1. ***The MOST IMPORTANT piece of information on a page/post according to Google is the TITLE TAG. This is the ACTUAL TITLE seen above…in this case: SEO Lesson.

BELOW the post or page there is a section called “Theme SEO Settings” – Use this when you want to keep a tacky or fun title at top but need something a little more SEO friendly for Google’s sake.

2. The SECOND Most Important SEO factor on a page/post is the use of “H” tags.H2 tags make the font BOLD and tells Google that this is an important topic on a page…for example:

Learn How To Roller Skate

Highlite any text and then use the bottom left type style format tool to make something an H2…if H2 is too big…go to H3, and so on….all are seen by Google as important subsections.

2a. Images – Images MUST HAVE alt text that is specific to your business and keywords.

3. The Third most important thing on a page that is considered by Google are hyperlinks. Hyperlink anything by selecting the text and then clicking on the chain link icon above in the toolbar. Be VERY CAREFUL to ONLY use descriptive and keyword specific text for hyperlinking. For Example:

Feel free to of Contanct Starlite Sharpsburg to plan you next party or corporate outing!  NEVER use “Click here” or some other meanigless words.

4. Bolding is also good because Google does notice it…though it is the least effective and ugliest of the 4.

Off-Site SEO is the cultivation of inbound links to YOUR site from OTHER sites. You can reach out proactively to ASK for these from your local friends and neighbors…or you can simply list yourself in directories and the like. BE CAREFUL NOT TO UTILIZE TOO MANY DIRECTORIES>>>AND DO NOT USE ONES THAT ARE NOT LOCAL TO YOU OR RELEVANT TO YOUR BUSINESS.

5.  DELETE outdated blog posts